Trade with the lowest margin / lowest position sizing according to the existing capital, in patience, without fear and greed!

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About Us

If you ask me...

Which is the most important property without you can't permanently become a successful forex trader?

...the persistence is.

I think we can focus on the market after 10,000 live trade, then the price movements will begin to understand. So if we make daily ten trade, then we are thousand, if we do hundred, then we are 100 days from this. But success is still not guaranteed for us on this point, but probably we will be after a good amount of fails, we can start think as a professional and start discover some new, interesting thing in our trades which can finally lead us to success.

Unfortunately, most people believe in the "I can get rich quick" theory, then zero-set their account after the 3-4 loss. They will get frustrated and go away baffled and disheartened, or the trading suddenly become too complicated and difficult, so they will be too uncertain and tremulous.

Real skill and discipline is necessary for this activity. It can only be achieved with perseverance. Our team has already passed this phase. Every day while we trading on our accounts, we set the goal of help others or lead them over that level where they stucked.